18 Jul, 2024 | 06:55 AM IST


1) To design and construct state of the art buildings and campuses with required amenities according to specifications and provide adequate infrastructural services, to fulfil the requirement(s) of user department(s) Police, Home Guards, Civil Defence and Prisons in Maharashtra.

2) To ensure quality, workmanship and timely completion of projects by introducing innovative ideas, latest techniques and technologies in design and construction, to the optimal satisfaction of the user department.

3) Improving in house competence and skill to meet the changing needs of construction industry/activity, by ensuring complete transparency.


To strive to provide state of the art, cost effective, low maintenance, aesthetically soothing user and eco friendly campus buildings / accommodation to the guardians of law and protectors of society, the police personnel and to comfort them and cause the betterment in their personal and public life, to discharge their duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently, without stress and strain.